Two Tragic Love Affairs in 'My Policeman'

By  Tquantity             October 23, 2022

A love triangle between a school teacher, a lover, and a police officer.

My Policeman

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In this depressing melodrama, a schoolteacher, her police officer husband, and his lover deny each other romantic fulfillment.

Movie Story

Marion, a schoolteacher, her law enforcement husband, Tom, and his great love, Patrick, are the main characters in the film.

In flashbacks to their youth in 1957, Marion (played as a young woman by Emma Corrin) recalls Tom’s timid attempts at courtship.

The flashback

Harry Styles

My Policeman, Harry Styles' second big film of the year, hits UK theaters today! His movie, Don't Worry Darling! came out last month!

Characters: Tom the cheerful guy!

The 'one' who seems to have everything

Tom is a cheerful young police officer just starting out in his career. 

Marion is played by Gina McKee.

She hopes that by inviting an ailing Patrick to live with them, she will be able to correct some of her mistakes.

Patrick is played by David Dawson (younger)

Marion meets David, a refined museum curator, through her boyfriend, Tom.

My Policeman

My Policeman

Trailer: My policeman

Released date: October 21, 2022