'House  Of  The Dragon'

HBO's best series of the year!

The agony, drama, suspense, and karma.

Written by George RR Martin

It started with a decision made by King Viserys I Targaryen.

As declared his first born child, a girl, as the "Heir to the throne."

His brother, Daemon Targaryen, who is known as the Rouge Prince, was one of the  competitors for the crown.

Daemon Targaryen

Since the King didn’t have a male child and the crown was in danger as the realm divided between Daemon and Rhaenyra, the King had to decide.

He chose his daughter over his brother for the crown.

But did he know what fate must unfold before him? He will be tested by a loyal wife and two male child who are soon to be born!

Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto Hightower, hand of the king, got married to the king after the first queen died.

Thus begin the rivalry between two of best friends, who  will later becomes the greatest enemies.

All started because of one thing. Mistrust upon their bonds.

Rhaenyra asked her uncle to join her cause because she was scared for her sons life.

Daemon, couldn't say no to her.

With the Rogue Prince back in action, Queen Alicent got scared more than ever that Daemon and Rhaenyra will kill her sons to claim the throne.

With King's death,  all the conspiracy became alive and  With King's death, the conspiracy became alive.

Without knowing the truth of each side,  the lie became the truth  and we wait to see the conclusion!