Pfizer, Audi, and General Mills Add to Growing List of Businesses Pausing Twitter Ads

Twitter ads and Concerns:

As rumors circulate about how the social media network will function under new owner Elon Musk, General Mills and Audi are the latest significant marketers to suspend their Twitter ads.

A spokesperson for the Minneapolis-based company that produces popular food brands including Cheerios and Annie’s macaroni and cheese confirmed the action on Thursday.

As always, she added, “we will keep an eye on this new trend and assess our marketing expenditure.

The German automaker is stopping advertisements and “will continue to analyze the situation,” according to Whaewon Choi-Wiles, an Audi representative.

Advertisers are worried about whether content filtering will continue to be as strict under Musk, who calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” and whether continuing to use Twitter will damage their businesses.

A few advertisers worry that Mr. Musk would reduce content monitoring, which would increase the amount of problematic content on the platform. Some people stated that others are temporarily ceasing their advertising due to the uncertainty at the company as top executives leave and Mr. Musk explores a number of changes.

Twitter ads sale:

The abrupt executive departures from Twitter ads campaign sales and marketing groups in large numbers have many Madison Avenue execs feeling concerned. Sarah Personette, Twitter’s chief customer officer, Leslie Berland, and Jean-Philippe Maheu, it’s vice president of global client solutions, are among those who have left. These executives contributed to the confidence of advertisers that their advertising money was being used on Twitter effectively and sensibly.

According to sources familiar with the meeting, Mr. Musk took part in a video conference call on Wednesday with WPP PLC, the largest advertising agency in the world, and several of its customers, including Google, Coca-Cola, and Unilever PLC.

According to the sources, Mr. Musk emphasized during the discussion that the Twitter ads platform will be a secure environment for companies, pledging to remove bots and introduce community-management tools.

He also talked about how he wanted to partition Twitter material so that people could choose what appears in their feeds. According to the people involved with the meeting, Mr. Musk claimed it would enable users to access a platform that was roughly equal to a PG-rated version and provide marketers the option to choose which content to be close to.

Although some ad buyers claim Twitter ads lag behind its competitors in that regard, The Wall Street Journal recently noted that the firm currently provides marketers with tools to help ensure their advertising doesn’t show next to content they deem undesirable.

But since then, some users have propagated long-debunked conspiracy theories and uploaded racial slurs in an apparent attempt to determine if the website’s rules were still being followed. This week, according to the NAACP, Musk was informed of its worries regarding “the dangerous, life-threatening hate and conspiracies that have grown on Twitter” while he was CEO.

In order to better “understand the direction of the platform,” General Motors revealed last week that it has temporarily halted its Twitter advertising. The delay, according to GM, is a customary action when a media platform experiences a big transition.

According to a person who saw the proposal, IPG Mediabrands suggested to customers on Monday that they stop advertising on Twitter for a week while further information concerning brand safety on the platform becomes available.

Warner Discovery, Coca-Cola, and Nestle, three other significant Twitter sponsors, did not respond to requests for comment regarding their advertising strategies.

After Twitter’s new “content moderation council” meets, some could reevaluate their plans. Before it meets, Musk has declared that he won’t reinstate any accounts or make significant content choices. There is no set date for that meeting.

Twitter ads percentage around the globe:

Although Twitter ads is by no means the largest platform used by advertisers for digital marketing, it generates about 90% of its revenue from advertisements. About 75% of all digital advertisements are displayed on Google, Amazon, and Meta, with the remaining 25% appearing on all other platforms.

According to predictions made by Insider Intelligence, Twitter ads will represent 0.9% of global digital ad spending in 2022. 2022 will see a 21.4% increase in meta.

According to the persons acquainted with the conversation, Mr. Musk was open and honest about Twitter’s issues in engineering and security during the virtual conference.

The majority of Twitter’s top executives have left in the last week, including the one in charge of sales of advertising.

The site’s chief customer officer, Sarah Personette, tweeted earlier this week that her access to work was officially terminated on Monday night after she announced her resignation from Twitter on Friday. She had a “wonderful discussion” with Musk a few days prior, during which she claimed to be upbeat about the company’s future. She said she still thinks Twitter’s new leadership recognizes the value of sustaining the “brand safety” guidelines she intended to push when she announced her departure on Tuesday.

Some media buyers said that brands would move their current Twitter advertising budgets to other tech platforms. On Wednesday, a Facebook representative highlighted the company’s brand safety strategy in an email to an ad buyer. According to the email, the corporation is aware that given the “chaotic media ecosystem,” brands are “revisiting their brand safety and suitability processes.” according to sources.