Meta Quest Pro: The Advancement towards Virtual Reality World

The world of virtual reality just got a lot stronger with the newest meta quest device, the meta quest pro. More storage, more resolution, and more work that has been done by the metaseries team.

Meta Quest Pro

World of Technology and Meta Quest Pro

Our world is not what it was ten or fifteen years back. We talked about next-gen technology, hoping it will be a part of our real world. Now here it is. Virtual reality platforms have been on the task to reshape and revolutionize our world of technology.

Meta Quest Newest edition has been named the advanced VR platform with the freedom of artistic creativity and team collaboration. What doesn’t it offer? It is the first of its kind with innovative sensors and a robust mixed-reality experience. It has a new LCD display for sharper image processing, and eye tracking with a 360 adaptive motion sensor for the cursor.

The most fascinating part of the Quest Pro is the adaptive Natural Facial Expression tracker that will give your avatar the freedom of your facial expression to reflect as yourself more naturally! It’s like you are literally living in a world that is far more advanced and has far more freedom.

The Vision

Meta world is a vision of the future. A future where people will live beyond boundaries. Explore a world full of artistic creation, freedom, and a platform for all. It is true that a lot needs to be done before we can reach the ideal virtual platform. But the way Quest Pro is built is a stepping stone that is bringing us closer to the truth.

The Meta Quest Pro headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers, and a charging dock will be available for $1,499.99 USD on October 25.

Meta Store is now available in any country where Meta Quest products are supported, as well as from select retail partners such as Best Buy in the United States and Canada, Argos and Currys in the United Kingdom, and FNAC and Boulanger in France. You can also pre-order from Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and France.

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is the first device to be powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, which is optimized for VR and allows Meta Quest 2 to run at 50% more power with better thermal dissipation, resulting in significantly better performance. Each Meta Quest Pro includes 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and ten high-resolution sensors (five inside the headset and five outside) to enhance a variety of immersive experiences.

VR is all about visuals, and Meta Quest Pro significantly improves on Meta Quest 2. The new optical stack in Meta Quest Pro replaces the Fresnel lenses from Meta Quest 2 with thin pancake optics that fold light several times over, reducing the depth of the optical module by 40% while providing clear and sharp visuals. To provide richer and more vivid colors, the two LCD displays employ local dimming and quantum dot technology. Our custom local dimming technology, which is powered by specialized backlight hardware and accompanying software algorithms, can control more than 500 individual LED blocks independently, providing 75% more contrast to the displays.

Meta Quest Pro features an entirely new sensor architecture, as well as high-resolution outward-facing cameras that capture 4X the pixels as Meta Quest 2’s external cameras, enabling a high-definition, full-color mixed reality experience. Passthrough in Meta Quest 2 allows you to see the world outside your device in black and white. However, with Meta Quest Pro, you can see your physical surroundings in full color. Using our Presence Platform suite of tools enables developers to create more robust mixed-reality experiences. The stereoscopic mixed reality Passthrough in Meta Quest Pro combines multiple sensor views to create a natural 3D view of the world.

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