Carly Simon pays tribute to her two sisters, both of whom died of cancer on the same day

Carly Simon is mourning the loss of both of her sisters, who died of cancer one day apart.

Lucy Simon, a Tony Award-winning Broadway composer, died Thursday of metastatic breast cancer at the age of 82, while Joanna Simon, an opera singer, died Wednesday of thyroid cancer at the age of 85.

“It breaks my heart to talk about Joanna and Lucy Simon’s deaths. Their loss will be felt for a long time,” Simon said in a statement.

All three sisters had musical abilities. Joanna Simon was an opera singer, and Lucy Simon was a performer and composer who won a Tony Award for the score to the musical “The Secret Garden.”

“As sad as today is, it is impossible to mourn them without also celebrating their incredible lives,” Simon said. “We were three sisters who took turns not only blazing trails and marking courses for one another, but we were also each other’s secret shares.” “We are each other’s memory keepers.”