BTS members to serve in the South Korean military

BTS, the Korean pop megaband, will soon be required to serve in the military.

It has been confirmed that BTS will be joining the military very soon. The Big Hit Music label confirmed the news on Twitter. The music company confirmed, in lengthy statements in English, Japanese, and Chinese, that all members of the hit band will serve their mandatory military service in the coming days.

The music label stated in a statement that Jin will begin his process as early as the end of October. Others will participate as and when they are invited. And, by 2025, they will reform as a boy band and release more songs for the ARMY.

The worldwide success of BTS sparked debates about whether pop culture stars should be excused from military service due to their artistic achievements in a country where pop culture has an enormous influence on politics and the economy.

Officials, business titans, and the group’s massive fan base, known as the BTS Army, have been lobbying to keep the seven men out of the barracks since the late 2010s. Supporters of the exemption argue that the K-pop megahit enhanced South Korea’s reputation as a cultural powerhouse and boosted the country’s economy.

Critics argue that such an exception would violate conscription laws by allowing the wealthy and powerful to avoid national service. The Culture Ministry of South Korea announced on Monday that it will continue to review the conscription rules for pop culture stars, with a focus on “fairness.”

South Korea requires all able-bodied men in the country to serve at least 18 months in the armed forces by the age of 28 under a conscription system established to counter North Korean threats.

BTS announced a hiatus from group activities in June to focus on solo endeavors, shocking its global fan base of millions. The band’s seven members reunited for a concert in Busan over the weekend to promote South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in the city. During the concert, which was likely the band’s last for years, members told fans that they plan to stay active for “decades.”