Anna Faris Identifies the Director She Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior On Set

Anna Faris has accused director Ivan Reitman of being abusive while filming My Super Ex-Girlfriend in 2006.

Faris stated on her podcast Unqualified with guest Lena Dunham that Reitman’s “reign of terror” left her feeling “hurt and humiliated,” and that the director, who died earlier this year, “slapped [her] ass.”

“One of my most difficult film experiences was with Ivan Reitman,” she told Dunham. “I mean, the idea of attempting to make a comedy during this, like, reign of terror.” He was a yeller. Every day, he’d bring someone down… And it was me on my first day.”

She described her feelings as “angry, hurt, humiliated, and defensive,” before asking the director, “Did no one tell you what happened?”

“At that point, he stopped talking and went behind the camera,” she added. “He slapped my ass later as well.” That was a strange moment.”

When Dunham asked if anyone on set stepped in, Faris replied, “No, it was like, 2006.” It was as if he was saying, “I’m going to stay low and play it safe.” In this film, I’m taking no chances.”

“On the one hand, it wasn’t anything, whatever, my ass is fine,” the actress said, adding that she was still wondering “how to calibrate that element.” On the other hand, it was as if I had 30 people surrounding me, expecting me to do something, and I didn’t.”

In response to Faris’ comments, My Super Ex-Girlfriend producer Gavin Polone told Deadline that while he “never saw or heard about that incident,” he “would not have any reason to dispute Anna’s account, either.” I believe Anna when she says it happened. I would have confronted Ivan about it if it had happened in front of me. I’m sorry to hear Anna was treated so poorly.”

Faris previously spoke out about being inappropriately touched on set in a podcast episode released in 2017 in the aftermath of #MeToo but did not name the director.